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Bathroom | Gentleman’s Apartment | West London

Mastering materials that leave lasting impressions

The Master bathroom is dressed in Travertine – a sedimentary rock with many layers running through it. The design used different cuts of stone on the floors and wall to create the impression of one big block of stone. The carved his and her basins are bespoke to cater for one favouring a higher sink.

The polished nickel trim around the stone adds a flash of sumptuousness without ostentation – a hallmark of our approach to luxury. Nickel is notoriously difficult to work with and so creating and installing the trim required great skill. It was custom made and engineered before going on site to be fitted with white gloves.

Detailed design for every element

Every opportunity for custom storage in the bathroom was taken, with many cupboards discretely housed behind the marble and nickel. Cupboards are designed on the inside as well – lined with hand finished teak that lends warmth and earthy tones to contrast with the stone and metal. Teak was chosen as timber for its famed water resistance.

Therapeutic delight is guaranteed with the addition of a steam generator in the shower.  A fold down seat made of teak provides a spa-like steam room experience in the ensuite. The mirror in the shower is fitted with a heat mat and demister to allow for shaving in the shower.  Every detail designed to ensure our client has the best experience.

A steam generator in the shower ensures the ultimate therapeutic experience.

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