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Bedroom | Gentleman’s Apartment | West London

The art of marquetry

The second bedroom is a masterpiece of artistic marquetry – reflecting our clients brief to create an idiosyncratic and extravagant room for guests to enjoy.

For the banks of built in custom storage cupboards we used American red cherry with designs featuring highlights from the neighbouring park. There are hidden jewelled insects, each representing a grandchild, and providing a bug hunt game for them to find butterflies and beetles when they come to stay. Motifs from the park were continued in details such as leaves embroidered into the silk carpet and the fabric for the curtains which was chosen to resemble the bark of a tree.

The beds were made by us to house deep custom storage and LED strip lights. Artichoke developed a special treatment for the single glazed windows. We embedded hot water pipes, a bespoke grill and silent fans in the stone window sill to blow warm air over the glass to prevent condensation.

Understated luxury

The handsome second bathroom is also lined in marble – the green stone is Vert d’Estours – chosen for its uniform green grain and butter coloured background, which provides a striking contrast to the soft grey of the Carrara marble used in the borders, floors and bespoke carved sink. The two tone detail gives personality to the bathroom and a feeling of understated luxury.

The reeded glass screens are backlit with a light box and were added to disguise the existing window detail that we were not permitted to change. As in the rest of the apartment, customised storage was planned for maximum efficiency with numerous compartments to house toiletries and other bathroom paraphernalia.

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