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Dressing Room | Georgian Hunting Lodge | Cheshire

Elegant luxury

With this project, the brief was to create a luxurious and elegant lady’s dressing room with the main window revealing wonderful views across the hills towards Manchester.

Designed for period details

The Georgian house consists of two parts. Its later addition, where the dressing room is located, adjoins to its earlier structure.

Because the floor levels between these two parts of the house do not run through, we needed to resolve how to link the dressing room to its master bedroom above.

Technical and architectural challenges

To link the master bedroom with the dressing room, Artichoke designed a flight of steps with a stopped chamfered staff bead which runs around the opening.

This provided the client with her own personal space with direct access to the master bedroom and small kitchenette. We purposefully wanted to design the staircase with a shallow rise and a broad step, which makes the staircase comfortable to walk on. To achieve this shallower flight, we designed a coffered ceiling for the panelled library below. This gave us the depth needed to run the flight at the required angle.

The arched tunnel shape was created by a plywood former in our workshops. The tunnel was then plastered in lime. To overcome the dilemma of how to light the stairwell, we introduced a pair of arched niches to both sides of the stair.

Design materials & features

Each door panel is upholstered in padded fabric; we chose a fabric with a matching wallpaper, a delicate detail which brings the space together.

The interiors of the wardrobes are lined in faux suede adding a further discreet touch of luxury.

The dressing table is topped with a honed Carrara marble, another understated but sumptuous material.

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