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Flower Room | Regency Country House | Hampshire

In this fine country house, a complete re-organisation of the space was required to suit the needs of a busy family living an outdoor lifestyle at weekends. It was also important to accommodate large house parties of guests who would be enjoying outdoor pursuits such as hunting and shooting.

A hardworking traditional country house boot room therefore became an important part of our response to this brief – so much so that internal space planning informed the architecture. We created a room that was functional and beautiful – a room that greatly added to the ‘liveability’ of the house.

Creating the space needed for country living

Following our conversations with the client and getting to grips with their brief, it became clear that additional space was needed for a boot room. This area would provide a practical space to handle mud, rain, cold and shield these from the pristine interior.  It would allow for storage of outdoor clothing and footwear in purpose-designed boot room cabinets, as well as somewhere to dry out wet coats, hats, and boots.

Designed for multiple uses

The new room would also provide access to the extensive and well stocked vegetable and flower gardens, so it made sense to accommodate a large sink and an area for cutting and arranging flowers.

The family dog, an important member of the household, needed somewhere to sleep, to be groomed and fed, and to keep mud and muck away from the rest of the house.  The location of the room is designed so the dog is not isolated when drying off but close to the hustle and bustle of family life.

The perfect finish for boots

Country house boot rooms are practical spaces that see heavy use so choice of materials is vital. The substantial marble bench has holes, with radiators below, providing a warm, wide seat for boot removal but also a place to hang wet coats and hats. The grate and drain set in the floor allow for drainage and easy cleaning of a room that will handle mud and weather-related mess galore. The profiles of the painted fitted furniture and boot room cabinets are simple but perfectly proportioned – appropriate to the traditional back of house style.

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