Gentleman’s Apartment | West London

Creating light, space and unique interiors

The client was keen for an open plan scheme that connected the kitchen to the living space. As part of a purpose-built apartment block, we carefully considered the impact of opening up things on the floors above and below. We needed to add customised storage and re-organise the space with no major structural alterations. Our solution was to use steels, fitted across existing openings in the original structural arrangement, to change the flow of the space. We knocked through walls and used panelled columns to cover structural beams across the ceiling to disguise structures beneath.

The living room and wide sunny balcony link seamlessly with the kitchen – providing a clean layout to eat, cook and watch TV, whether alone or with friends. Counter seating offers the perfect spot for a simple breakfast or food preparation. Natural light floods the space, with large windows giving uninterrupted views of the nearby park. The whole apartment is meticulously detailed with elements such as glazed shelving with brass brackets and cabinets that can display beautiful objects and curios.

The details both practical and personal

The Weldon weave parquet flooring in dark stained oak was carefully designed with borders around the furniture – design details which elevate the feeling of luxury. The built-in bench seat is covered in buffalo suede and illuminated from underneath. With cleverly customised storage design, it also houses subwoofers and equipment, electronics, and LED lighting, disguising much of the technology needed.

We commissioned an artist to create the glass tabletop which is engraved with a ticker tape motif around the border – a theme repeated on the leather clad front door. The motif is a nod to memories of how stocks and share prices were tracked on Wall Street. The apartment is bursting with quirky bespoke design features related to the client’s past and present life and interests.

Other rooms