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Music Room | Georgian House | Gloucestershire

Making music

Following unsuccessful attempts by audio visual specialists, Artichoke was commissioned to create a music room. Doubling as a living space the room also needed acoustic engineering capable of playing and recording amplified music without disrupting the rest of the house. Adjacent, the commission also covered an additional room to store guitars and other curios.

The Collector’s Room

Rather than line the room with bookcases as originally envisaged by the owner, Artichoke researched and surveyed the display cabinets at Teylers Museum of Wonder in Haarlem, Holland. Taking inspiration from their superb curiosity cabinets, we designed practical and dramatic pieces which could do justice to the impressive guitar collection.

Taking this approach allowed us to create a less crowded room with elegant stand-alone pieces of furniture. It also meant the space became a more natural lobby to the adjacent and stunning music room. The cabinets are made of rift cut European oak. The oak handles are turned and neatly recessed into the drawer fronts. The locking mechanism for the drawers is also an elaborate and fun quirk, with the lower pilasters hinged to cover the drawer fronts, preventing the drawers from being pulled open when the pilasters are locked.

The Music Room

Starting as a rectangular space, our first task was to square the room up to create a void for the complex air conditioning mechanics and recording equipment. It also gave us the opportunity to design a square fibrous plaster coffered ceiling which lined up perfectly with the antique mirror panelled pilasters surrounding the room. We consulted acoustic experts before designing the room’s complex ‘grounds’ – a plywood scaffold onto which our finished joinery is mounted. The decorative panels are created from a framework of high and low frequency absorbing panels wrapped in dyed horsehair fabric, an acoustically transparent material.

The Artichoke effect

A completely unique series of rooms that satisfies our client’s passion for music and related collections. The collector’s room is unique to this property and this client – a truly bespoke solution and the result of a careful interrogation of the brief. The music room provides a luxurious space where a musical passion can be expressed in comfort whilst keeping sound throughout the house and beyond to a minimum.

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