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Library | Georgian Hunting Lodge | Cheshire

Comfortable splendour

For this space, our client wanted Artichoke to design a peaceful and atmospheric space for reading, conversation and watching rugby. Our brief was to create architectural joinery whose details were in keeping with the Georgian history of the house.

Getting the architectural details right

Following a detailed survey of the room, our first suggestion was to introduce a plasterwork coffered ceiling to the space. This architectural decision injected a sense of grandeur to the room as well as allowing us to accommodate a staircase that rises from the dressing room to the master bedroom above.
Hardwood panelling creates a sense of warmth and seclusion, but the walls in this listed house were in poor shape and far from straight. To overcome this we fixed timber grounds to the walls first, creating a reliable framework which we could control and fix the panels to.

With controlling the grounds, we can ensure the room shape becomes perfectly square and level, despite the architecture being otherwise. This guarantees that we can deliver a crisp and superbly accurate finish.

Technical and finishing details

All the panelling is solid European Walnut which we hand-selected from Treviso in Italy. The wood expands and contracts over time and with the seasons. We made allowances for this during construction and applied finishes prior to fitting so that seasonal movement doesn’t reveal bare timber. The library is traditionally French polished using shellac and wax.

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