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Guest Kitchen | Victorian Country House | South Coast

Small is beautiful

Used for weekend guests and the housekeepers family, this kitchen in a cottage on the estate of a large Victorian country house made us think hard about the space. It is often good to be challenged and good things do come in small packages – so our task was to find the perfect way to elegance despite the diminutive dimensions.

Space planning for challenging spaces

Despite the limited space, we planned this kitchen in minute detail allowing all elements to function without compromising form. With low ceilings and the small footprint, we made the sink the focal point, positioning the cooker away from the table rather than centred between the windows to give better preparation space. The sink is made of aged larch to add character whilst the dishwasher is disguised as a cupboard to the left.  

We borrowed room from the adjacent cloakroom to create a niche deep enough to hide a pantry cupboard and fridge freezer. We packed a lot in but it doesn’t feel overcrowded.

Design aesthetic

Yellow is the original artist’s colour – in ancient Egypt, yellow ochre pigments were used in lieu of gold. Evoking hope and optimism, it’s a bold choice but perfect where you need natural light to flood a small space. Offsetting the natural wood of the sink, the cabinets are painted in Farrow and Ball’s Sudbury Yellow to make the whole space cheerful and welcoming.

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