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Hallway | Early 20th Century Villa | Tuscany

Designed to make a statement

Our client’s house in Tuscany was in an advanced state of disrepair when they took it on. Built by a Swiss emigré at the turn of the last century, the villa was run for decades as an hotel.

Our brief was to create a striking formal hallway – helping to turn this part of the Villa back into a family home.

Artichoke designed the Doric columns to hide large steel pillars and from which to launch the groin vault ceiling.

Space and architecture

The Villa’s entrance hall presented a number of architectural design challenges – especially the two pairs of large supporting pillars which supported deep steel beams spanning the room.

To overcome this, Artichoke designed four pairs of Tuscan columns which were used to hide invasive steel supports. These columns act as a visual support for the groined ceiling which we designed to make use of the tall open spaces in the room.

Exceptional Italian materials with European touches

As part of our works, the Artichoke team designed and set out the Carrara marble floor with limestone cabochon detailing.

The door architraves were also designed by us and specified in Pietra Serena sandstone to match the Doric columns. The joinery doors are in European walnut and traditionally French polished and waxed.

The Artichoke effect

As with so many projects we undertake, time is the greatest benefactor when resolving some of the most difficult interior architectural challenges. Much of the early stages of the project involved us resolving how this could help improve how the house functions for family life.

Once settled we shifted our focus towards the interior design and furniture design.  The Grand Hallway was far from grand when we took it on, but with its new groined vault ceiling, supporting doric columns and classical floor is now befitting of the grand exterior (also designed by the Artichoke team).

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