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Eye-catching design

The bar in this newbuild neo Georgian house is a dramatic and surprising room in an otherwise restrained and understated interior, while the adjacent Servery is a practical link room providing efficient service to the dining room.

While both rooms have different purposes, they are adjacent and so need to complement each other. This has been achieved by keeping the colour of the furniture in both the bar and Servery the same but with different finishes.

The Servery

The Servery furniture has a dead matt paint finish which is offset beautifully by the polished African mahogany interiors and shelves. The open shelves feature reeded edges, a detail which continues into the panels behind the glazed doors and on the facades of the painted drawers and cabinet doors and frames.

The circular hammered nickel sink provides a sparkling contrast to the matt paint finishes of the cabinetry. The backsplash is Caribbean Islands onyx teamed with a polished Bianca Eclipsa worksurface.

The Bar

The eye-catching bar is sited off the main hall, so guests can be served on arrival during any drinks reception. A special Japanese hand lacquering process was used to give the surface a hand crafted reflection. The bar ceiling is panelled in aged glass panels which give the room a glamorous Art Deco flavour. The stepped metalwork framing the room panels are aged nickel and the backlit stone is Caribbean Island onyx.

The cantilevered shelves, also framed in aged nickel, contain light panels on the top and bottom faces casting light in both directions with dramatic effect. The design team overcame challenges around how to backlight large sheets of onyx in a very limited space.

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