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Details for other areas of the house

As part of a large whole house project on the South coast, our brief extended to a number of rooms and features within the house. Of particular note is the work carried out for wardrobes and the billiard hall.

Billiard Hall

In another building on the estate was a billiard hall.  Our clients wanted to repurpose this as a multifunctional space to be enjoyed by the local community as well as for family gatherings, events and parties. 

To create a feeling of comfortable proportions, we built out a large fibrous plaster archway to frame to the door. The splayed entrance was dramatic but also provided an opportunity to hide a flu to the boiler in the basement.

The pair of cupboards are made of larch and echo the chevron detail in the ceiling. They sit within niches to lose the depth of the chunky appliances hidden within. The cupboards serve as a mini kitchenette – discretely housing a dishwasher, an Officine Gullo sink and a refrigerated drawer – everything you’d need to host a village or family gathering but without spoiling the elegance of the space.


The jib – or secret – doors are designed to be discrete and flush with the walls papered with Robert Kime wallpaper. The interiors are made of cedar of Lebanon to deter moths. The doors have a timber frame surround which can be removed if necessary, to be repapered in the future.

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