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Pantry | Early 20th Century Villa | Tuscany

Service rooms for practicality and beauty

As part of our architectural redesign for this Villa, the Artichoke design team allocated space for a pantry and scullery to support the adjacent main family kitchen when the house is full of guests. This included a requirement for an industrial sized pizza oven.

The groin vault ceiling was designed by us to allow us to hide various mechanical and electrical elements and to provide some interest to the space. The stone pillar dividing the furniture is typical of local vernacular; a detail we copied for the room.

Notable materials & features

The pantry and scullery worktops were specified by us as Santa Fiore, a hard wearing Tuscan sandstone used generously in Florence’s ecclesiastical architecture.

The supporting vertical sandstone columns are a detail typical of the local Tuscan vernacular. The hardwood is oak which has been aged to give it a sun bleached appearance.

The Artichoke effect

The Villa’s kitchen pantry and scullery has been a huge success in supporting the main kitchen when the house is full. It provides a wonderful second space for food preparation and a shut-off room to hide used crockery and dishes when entertaining at scale.

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