Victorian Country House | South Coast

Integrated design for an exceptional house

This beautiful house once belonged to a member of Queen Victoria’s household.  It has now been painstakingly restored by its current owner who approached us to reconfigure the kitchen and pantry spaces which were a muddle of small rooms unsuitable for everyday dining and hosting informal supper parties. As often happens, our brief then extended to other areas of the house.

We went on to design and make furniture for a guest kitchen, bedroom wardrobes and a bookshelf and bench seat set within the turret. The final commissions covered a  billiard room and a kitchen for the cottage. It is always a rare privilege to work in such outstanding houses and we covered every detail to do justice to the surroundings.

In common with other work we do, our clients have commissioned further subsequent projects in other locations. A testament to the dedication and knowledge we bring to interiors and architectural joinery.

The Artichoke effect

The joy of this project was working with a client who had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve – to invisibly restore a handsome stone-built house that had fallen into disrepair after decades of neglect.

Working hand in hand with an experienced and talented client and team, we were able to bring the house back to life – bringing atmosphere and authenticity with joinery and cabinetry that is as appropriate to the house as it is useful to a modern family.  You can read more about this project in World of Interiors.

Other rooms