Charlie Moss

Workshop Apprentice

Charlie is currently undertaking his woodworking and joinery apprenticeship at Artichoke, having completed his A levels at Kings of Wessex. A local resident, Charlie is deeply committed to honing his craft and contributing to the rich tradition of master craftsmanship that Artichoke upholds.

Artichoke’s Inspiring Makers legacy is central to Charlie’s journey. This initiative reflects our commitment to nurturing the next generation of talented makers, sustaining the tradition of master craftsmanship. With the number of master furniture makers going from 100,000 to around 1,000 over the past 150 years, we see it as our responsibility to build a lasting legacy.

Through initiatives like the New Makers’ Conference, our School of Furniture, work experience and apprenticeship programs, and Bruce’s links to the Building Crafts College, we provide education, skill development, and industry connections. Charlie is a proud participant in this legacy, dedicated to becoming a skilled craftsman and contributing to the future of furniture making.

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