Architectural Joinery

Informed by the design principles of the classical order, we design and make beautiful furniture for the home. Our work extends from whole houses to kitchens, from boot rooms to pantries, from libraries to staircases. Our design teams are experts in bringing unique and beautiful interpretations to any room.

We meticulously plan our designs – every facet of a room explored so that our kitchens and other working spaces can function flawlessly no matter the complexity of the environment. Our deep knowledge of materials means we also source the very best from around the world.

The Artichoke workshops in Somerset combine experienced master craftspeople and the latest world-class machinery. All our work is overseen by senior designers and seasoned project managers – many of whom are themselves experienced makers.

We pride ourselves in designing and making furniture that is unique to every commission we undertake and will add value to families and homes alike for generations to come.

Interior Design

Alongside our joinery design teams, Artichoke have a substantial interior design division who work hand in hand with the architectural details of our designs. Whether whole house projects or a series of rooms, our interior designers help create the perfect spaces for clients.

We hold relationships with many boutique artisans – enabling us to source specific items that add unique elements to our room and house designs. Drawing on the depth of detailed design talent available in Artichoke, schemes can be visualised to enable clients to fully realise their dream home.

Selected Work

Georgian House | Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Gentleman’s Apartment | West London

West London, United Kingdom

Victorian Country House | South Coast

South Coast, United Kingdom